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Cordyceps Sinensis - History, Species, & Benefits Overview

Cordyceps is a rare and exotic mushroom that has been in existence for centuries and it originates from China. It is believed to have numerous medicinal values and while this is the case, it is only in the last 20 years or so that its popularity has increased.

Cordyceps - History

Known as a medicinal herb and with an illustrious history, Cordyceps Sinensis can be defined as Ascomycetes fungus thus making it closely related to mushrooms. From a taxonomic sense this is not a mushroom and it originates from two Latin words Cord meaning Club and Ceps meaning head.

Traditional Uses of Cordyceps Sinensis

It is used to make traditional herbal Chinese medication for the purpose of treating liver disease, kidney disease and impotence. It is also seen as a fitness tonic and can be used for the purpose of enhancing overall health. It is difficult to find Cordyceps that are wildly grown and it is for this reason that they are reserved for royalty and the rich. They were mostly served with cooked meat, seafood and soups and it is for this reason that they are classed in the same category as mushrooms.

Cordyceps - Species

Currently, there are over six hundred and eighty documented Cordyceps species and this number is always subject to change as a result of life cycle and genus changes. To date, there are several species of Cordyceps which have been found on the inhabited six continents, in climatic zones and other habitats and they are known to feed on hosts. Among these, there are several which are cultured for medicinal purposes. For these reasons, it is safe to conclude the medicinal value of Cordyceps is not limited to a specific specifies. Though there are several species known to have medical value, one of the most popular and well known ones is Cordyceps Sinensis.

Overview of Cordyceps Benefits

There are numerous Cordyceps benefits and some of these include the following:

  • Increases the endurance, energy and stamina level.
  • Fights weakness and keeps fatigue at bay.
  • Improves an individual’s sexual virility.
  • Increases oxygen capacity.
  • Increases lung function as well as capacity.
  • Improves mental health, increases appetite and physical condition.