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Cordyceps benefits
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Cordyceps Benefits & Cordyceps Side Effects

Cordyceps - herb or mushroom?

Cordyceps is in fact a general term for about 400 species of fungi, and these fungi are considered medicinal mushrooms rather than herbs. Or rather, they look like mushrooms to which they are biologically related. They are great energy boosters, and they have a highly beneficial effect on the immune system. That is why they have gained increasing attention worldwide and are even referred to as “Chinese herb” type, in vast demand around the world by people who rely on alternative medicine to remedy or maintain their good health. Coming from the Himalaya region, they were first noticed by yak herders whose yaks became overly energetic and excited after grazing on these plants. Yak herders’ accounts spread the word of the powerful effects, and that was why Chinese emperors used them to attain longevity and get healed from diseases.

Cordyceps benefits

But all the benefits of that Chinese supplement comprise a vaster spectrum which is impressive, to put it mildly. Modern plagues like high cholesterol, immune system problems, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, kidney and liver complaints are effectively alleviated. The anti-ageing properties of the remedy are especially exciting for ladies.

Are Cordyceps safe?

Cordyceps Sinensis (components) is completely safe even if taken at very high dosages. Due to the increasing popularity of Cordyceps sinesis, some supplements have been adulterated; some manufacturers substitute other species of Cordyceps. The safety of these supplements is unknown. It is recommended to use Cordyceps cautiously in patients with prostate conditions or in individuals taking immunosuppressive medications, and hormonal replacement therapy. Avoid in patients with myelogenous-type cancers based on reports of Cordyceps causing proliferation of progenitor red blood cells.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it as its effects on the human body during pregnancy and breastfeeding are not sufficiently well studied.

Why Cordyceps?

In nowadays hurried everyday life, when people are literally snowed under with work on a regular basis, boosting the spirit and health and providing fresh energy to perk up the spirits are especially important. Cordyceps provides the solution for all people who are looking for natural remedies for boosting their immune system or reviving and rejuvenating to feel better and filled with enthusiasm and freshness. Cordyceps stands out as a modern natural supplement, purely organic, a genuine energy and health booster. Stress relief and new fresh vigour are easy to achieve by ordering the supplement to use it as a means to counteract the already perennial complaints and diseases people suffer from as a result of unhealthy diet and sedentary life. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity no longer seem formidable and unconquerable. The world has opened up to this new organic dietary supplement to enable people regain their good health and mood.