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New Zealand Herald

Wonder extract is just the start

A herb called cordyceps is used to make products that help with asthma, blood diseases, cancer and sexual impotence. (link)

Chinese mushroom remedy found to boost fitness

An ancient Chinese remedy based on a wild mushroom, aids the fitness of sedentary, middle-aged people. The study was performed as a clinical trial with neither the volunteers nor the researchers knowing who took the remedy and who was given a harmless placebo until the experiment was over.(link)

Athletics: Shocked Smith hangs in for the long run

Vanquished 10,000M runner Kimberley Smith has a long-term vision - long being the operative term.There seems little point in Smith running the 5000m, something she hinted at after the race, having seen all the energy sapped from her in a race that finished in 29m 54.66s. That puts it second in the all-time list behind only Wang Junxia's discredited 29m 31.78, a time controversial Chinese coach Ma Junren claims was powered by the fungus Cordyceps sinensis. (link)

BBC World

Mushroom remedy 'makes you fit'

Tests showed people aged between 40 and 70 who lived a sedentary lifestyle became fitter after taking an extract of the Cordyceps mushroom. The research presented to the American Physiological Society indicated an improvement in the ability to exercise and a reduction in tiredness. (link)

Scientists discover how wild mushroom cancer drug works

Scientists have discovered how a promising cancer drug, first discovered in a wild mushroom, works.... The study will appear in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.The cordyceps mushroom has been studied by medical researchers for some time - the first scientific publication on cordycepin was in 1950. (link)