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Scientific Research


Cordycepin interferes with 3′ end formation in yeast independently of its potential to terminate RNA chain elongation

Cordycepin is a biologically active compound of Cordyceps that has a potential to potential to terminate RNA chain elongation, which made it a promission drug for tumour treatment. (link)

Visit PubMed.gov and search for "Cordyceps" and you will find over 300 studies on Cordyceps.

American Physiological Society

Derivatives Of A Rare Chinese Mushroom Can Improve Capacity For Aerobic Exercise And Endurance In The Mid-Age To Elderly, Sedentary Humans

The study provides scientific evidence that Cordyceps is effective in enhancing aerobic exercise capability, endurance exercise performance, and exercise metabolism and alleviating fatigue in healthy humans. (link)

The University of Nottingham

New insights into mushroom-derived drug promising for cancer treatment

A promising cancer drug, first discovered in a mushroom commonly used in Chinese medicine, could be made more effective thanks to researchers who have discovered how the drug works. The research, carried out by The University of Nottingham, was funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). (link)

The research was published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry and is available via early online publication here.