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Quote I am using Cordysen since Mar 20,2012 three capsules a day in the morning. My total cholesterol improved from 234 to 168, my blood pressure is almost perfect, my blood glucose level is in the 90. I am a happy and healthy man (I will be 60 yrs old in Jan 2013). I now don't have to use any more drugs and say goodbye to my doctor. I also eat healthy food and exercise three time a week per your advises. May god bless you and your company and wishing you and your company prosperous and successful business. Quote
Thomas Tran
Quote I'm appreciated your product that I take everyday. I have a lung cancer since Xmas last year that I find this is a magic one that I will my life. Cordysen has given me a lot strengh to combat with my Chermotherapy.Everyday I has so much energy that I never feel I has cancer. It controls so well my dicbetic.Thanks. I can swim easy 2 km per week and walk a few miles 3 days a week. And again thanks for your Mighty Product to save people lives. Quote
Bun Heang Ung (http://politiktoons.blogspot.co.nz/)
Quote I have been taking cordysen for about 5 months, and I would say that it has helped my immune system a lot. I have a tendency to get bad chest colds that can turn to pneumonia, and I have managed to get antibiotics before it gets to that stage. Without cordysen I would have been knocked down with a chest cold much easier. I have noticed a slight increase in my energy level, but the main benefit to me is helping my immune system. Quote
David Miles, Wellington
Quote I have been taking Cordysen for the past 2-3 months and as a consequence in general feel so much better all round health wise. Whilst taking into consideration that this is during the winter months i can't wait for the results when we feel the summer sun again. Quote
Tony & Diane James
Quote I am your classic NZ health basket case. I suffer from atrial fibrillation, have high blood pressure, and am Type 2 diabetic. From all this I was suffering increasing ED. I have just finished my first 90 days on Cordysen and the results are excellent. My BP and glucose readings are way down, I have way more energy and I have no ED problems whatsoever. I have just re-ordered, including some for my wife and daughter. Happy to say so. Quote
Ray Ginnever
Quote I have been suffering from insomnia for quite some time. After taking cordysen for 2 months I feel charged up during day and sleep well at night. Quote
Diane Chapman
Quote My blood pressure was high – about 160 over 100. I’ve been taking cordysen for a few months and my blood pressure dropped down to 130 over 80. It really works! Quote
Daniel Hill
Quote I’ve been in a good health my entire life. However recently I had felt a decline in my energy level. I was recommended cordysen by my nutritionist. After taking this supplement for 2 months I do not feel any unexplained and prolonged fatigue. Quote
Julie Powell
Quote I started taking Cordysen a few weeks ago and the result has been amazing. I feel great, both emotionally and physically. I feel lots of energy and sleep better at night. Quote
Kate Wood
Quote I usually get tired very fast and take a nap for an hour or two every day. However, after I started taking Cordysen I do not need that daytime nap anymore. I feel that Cordysen gives me an energy lift and keeps me going all day long. Quote
Anne Foster