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How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure, or sometimes called hypertension can ruin your body quietly because symptoms may take years to develop. When left uncontrolled, high blood pressure could lead to risky health problems such as coronary artery disease, kidney failure, hardening of the arteries, aneurysm and stroke.

Medications for the control of blood pressure come in a wide range of dosages and formula. They are of course aimed to reduce the pressure that goes to the blood vessels. Some doctors apply trail and error in determining which medication will work for a patient. This can post health threats and drugs can be expensive. Hence tips to lower blood pressure naturally are what most people look for.

Try these methods to lower blood pressure naturally:

Quit smoking

If you stop smoking, you are doing a great favor to yourself. Aside from avoiding high blood pressure, quitting smoking also helps in eliminating the risk of cancer and heart-related disease. Smoking can injure blood vessels walls and even speeds up the hardening of arteries. Smoking is generally bad, even for those who are not just about blood pressure concerns. Start quitting smoking now.

Control your weight

Apparently, overweight people are often linked to high blood pressure. Losing weight helps lower blood pressure naturally. Overweight people have greater risks of acquiring disease and high blood pressure. It does not have to always drastic. Obese people can start by imposing small cuts and changes in their meals, and exercising a few days a week even if it as simple as a brisk walk in the nearby park.

Add fruits and vegetables to your daily meals

When talking about ways to lower blood pressure naturally, the importance of fruits and vegetables should not take the back seat. Our diet always reflects our bodies. If we do not eat healthy, then our body would not be healthy as well. Fruits and vegetables help flush out toxins away from the body making you feel cleansed and healthy.

Control your alcohol consumption

Ideally, you should not drink more than 12 ounces of beer if you are a woman. Men cans drink twice of this amount. Drinking too much elevates your blood pressure. If you restrict your alcohol intake, you can lower blood pressure naturally by 5-10 mmHg.

Reduce salt intake

Too much result would result to high blood pressure. You should not consume more than 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day or about a teaspoon of salt. In reality, an average American consumes twice the allowable amount. Salt intake does not mean eating salt literally. Salt comes in soy sauce, frozen dinners, canned goods and other processed food. Before you buy a product at the grocery, you should check the food label first for the sodium content. Reading the food label is something most consumers do not bother doing. This can actually save them and their loved ones from high-risk diseases like heart diseases or kidney problems. Prefer products with low salt content to lower blood pressure naturally.

Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine which something you find in sodas and coffee causes blood pressure to raise temporarily. If you are consuming too much caffeine, this may pose a problem on your system. Control your coffee cravings to lower blood pressure naturally.

Consume more potassium-rich food items

Potassium helps in regulating blood pressure. Studies show that more intake of potassium means better blood flow in the body. People who have adequate amount of potassium in the body are less prone to hypertension. Fruits such as watermelon, bananas and oranges are rich sources of potassium. Potassium can also be acquired from spinach, potatoes and zucchini. Potassium is an important factor to lower blood pressure naturally.

Get some physical activities

For any health problem, exercise seems to be the ultimate solution. However, you should consider asking your physician first about your condition. You should engage in physical exercises slowly. You should not force yourself. Having 30 minutes for at least thrice a day can already help lower blood pressure naturally. You can walk or jog just around the neighborhood. Signing up at the gym is not a requirement.

Reduce anxiety and stress

This is the most common source of blood pressure problems. If you want to lower blood pressure naturally, you need to get rid of too many sources of anxiety and stress. If you think you are too stressed at the office, you can spend time doing some extra curricular activities. You can plan a weekend getaway with your friends or family. Stress management is important to lower blood pressure naturally. In case you feel better about yourself, you are less likely to feel something bad in your body.

However, to lower blood pressure naturally is always easier said than done. It is very easy to enumerate these things, but implementing these to lower blood pressure naturally is a different thing. The hardest part of the process is having enough commitment to attain the goal of solving blood pressure problems.

Changing your lifestyle is never easy since you have been living that way for several years already. You can always make it gradual to make things easier on your part. The support of your friends and family is important to keep you motivated in living a healthier, better and longer life. Your support group essentially spells your motivation.

But if you want to save your life for the people you love, you need to act today to lower blood pressure naturally. While there are medications on hypertension, it is still best the means to lower blood pressure naturally. There are no side effects, and it promotes self-discipline. There is also no need to spend too much on medication, consultations or operations. Natural is always the best solution for certain health risks. Of course, the process is not easy. But if you constantly think of the long-term benefits you are going to get, the hard work and sacrifices will definitely be worth it.