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Cordyceps Sinensis Chinese Medicine

Cordyceps sinensis is a well-known remedy in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Originally discovered in the mountains of Nepal, this medicinal mushroom has been used since the 15th century in Asia. Often called caterpillar fungus because it grows on caterpillars, it is becoming more rare in the wild. Many companies have created climate and light-controlled environments to produce organic, chemical-free mushrooms. The growth of Cordyceps sinensis is important because it can be beneficial when used as a daily supplement.

This supplement is available in two forms in the health market, powder and extract. Depending on the supplier, powder can come in multitude of sizes from 1 or 2 ounces to 1 pound. It is generally used by mixing your dosage into a drink such as teas, smoothies or medicinal elixirs and is much cheaper than buying it in capsules.  Cordyceps sinensis extract is available in capsules and tablets. It is said that the extract is richer in nutritional benefits because it is more highly concentrated than powder. The dosage varies depending on manufacturer and it can often be purchased in a multiple month's supply. The mushroom is also found in some creams used for anti-aging, skin care and black hair color.  

The benefits of Cordyceps sinensis are vast, making it a good supplement for curative and preventative treatment.  It contains important nucleosides and nucleotides, such as adenosine and deoxyadenosine. It also possesses anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties while increasing the oxygen capacity in your body which can help alleviate many ailments.

Cordyceps can be taken to enhance or suppress the immune system depending on the type of immuno-disorder. It has shown to be beneficial to the cardiovascular system by lowering bad cholesterol, regulating high or low blood pressure and improve cardiac arrhythmia. By increasing oxygen capacity, it relieves the symptoms of chronic fatigue and can even give a boost of energy or stamina. Cordyceps sinensis can also restore memory and cognitive functions. It can help regulate blood sugar and increase the body's sensitivity to insulin to help control diabetes. The liver and the kidneys are both vital to a healthy body since they function as types of filters for the body. This supplement can help bolster liver and kidney function.

As a part of a daily regime, Cordyceps sinensis can promote good health in a variety of ways. It has been trusted for many centuries as a curative medicinal supplement and continues to be used by natural healers and medical practitioners today.