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Price on Cordyceps Sinensis Supplements

Cordyceps sinensis comes in many forms and has quite an impressive health benefit list. Originating in Chinese medicine and documented in the 15th century by Zurkhar Nyamnyi Dorje, the medicinal mushroom is a popular supplement on the health and wellness market. Becoming fairly rare in Tibet where the mushroom originated, health supplement companies have begun to grow their own Cordyceps sinensis in climate and light controlled environments to harvest for nutritional supplement use.

Cordyceps price can vary depending on the type of supplement and dosage. The supplement comes in the form of extract and powder. The powder often is sold in ounces or pounds and is made to be added to drinks or elixirs. Extracts are available in tablet and capsule form, with the former being the least expensive of the two. Both forms can be added to creams to make beauty products, hair color and anti-aging skin creams.

Powders can be purchased with the cheapest Cordyceps price, often around $25 for a pound of powder. These powders can be incorporated into smoothies or protein shakes and teas, making in an easy supplement for those who dislike pills. The Cordyceps price is lower for the powder because it is less concentrated than the extract form of the mushroom.

Extracts are made into tablets or capsules and have a higher concentration of beneficial nutritional components than the powder. Tablets come in a variety of dosages (450mg, 600mg, 750mg, etcetera) and can cost anywhere from $6 to $25 Cordyceps price for a month supply. Capsules are generally $13 to $35 Cordyceps price for one month and it also varies depending on dosage. Tablets and capsules offer an easy way to supplement right along with your daily vitamin, less measuring or mixing to worry about.

Creams have a large fluctuation in Cordyceps price since they come in several varieties for several uses. Cordyceps can be the main ingredient in the beauty or skin cream or one of several ingredients. Typically in natural Cordyceps black hair color creams, Cordyceps is the main substance.

 It is not unusual for the supplement to be combined with other nutritional supplements like vitamins and mineral which causes the Cordyceps price to be higher. Cordyceps supplements offer a variety of benefits to physical and mental health. They increase the oxygen supply to the body by regulating blood pressure, stabilizing heartbeat and regulating blood sugar levels. Liver, kidney and pancreatic function all increase on a daily regimen of Cordyceps. Asthma, COPD, chronic fatigue and hepatitis sufferers have reported a variety of improvements.